Shit is getting real. State of MO Dept of Health sending all of us to telework. Everything from the NCAA to libraries are closing in KC area. The US is not prepared for this. Be glad your I.R R. is done. This is going epic in under a week. Love you son.

River cruise on the Danube from Vienna to Budapest in October, with 2 days at the front in Vienna. Stoked! Need house/dog/cat sitter, ideally. @C_L_Bashaw

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Of course the first night I'm off work at a reasonable hour is a First Friday and all I wanna do is crash.

Really ready to not live in the US any more. Time to pack the critters and move someplace where humanity still exists.

Mostly giving up on FB except to conduct SCA business.


This is a server for anyone, but particularly for those of us in the US Midwest that want to get away from the birdsite or to avoid the zucksuck. Have fun, don’t be a dick, and remember to eat the rich!