A METEOR OUTBURST COULD HAPPEN THIS WEEK: Get ready for a meteor outburst--maybe. Later this week, Earth will pass by a stream of dusty debris from an unnamed comet. Forecasters believe this could cause an outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors on Thursday night/Friday morning (Nov. 21-22). Visit today's edition of Spaceweather.com for the full story and observing tips.

Parts delivered today...
French Gerleman?!?!
I'm reading this as (Girlyman).
Anyone else?😜 🤣

Hey everyone, noob here trying to get away from the intrusiveness of FB


This is a server for anyone, but particularly for those of us in the US Midwest that want to get away from the birdsite or to avoid the zucksuck. Have fun, don’t be a dick, and remember to eat the rich!