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Note to future self: Do not get an appetizer before a Chicago style pizza IN Chicago. It doesn't matter what size you get, the pizza will always be enough food to feed a small country.

You win this round, Za.

In Chicago for fiberoptic laser training and I already want to stay. I’ll just get a job with the laser folks, they’re already training me anyway, right?

I know far too many people that don't understand that the Republican party (and Democratic party, for that matter) are corporations. Literal corporate entities entirely composed of people in the business of politics. Nothing in our constitution requires the existence of these entities for governance but we've been so thoroughly conditioned by history to believe that this is the way things are done that we cling desperately to the hope that one of them won't kill us all, despite all the evidence.

"If you put away those who report accurately, you’ll keep only those who know what you want to hear. I can think of nothing more poisonous than to rot in the stink of your own reflections."

Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

Never has the temptation to quit my job and become a professional vagrant been stronger than on a Saturday morning of the third consecutive month of double overtime.

Every year that a new movie with the comes out we get a slew of new Joker costumes on .

Why doesn't it work that way for any other character?

Halloween is easily the worst time to be working second shift. I'd rather work on christmas eve.

I don’t know what it is about these shitty fascist enabling judges that makes them think that crying on national tv is at all an appropriate response to being called out for being a garbage person.

Hey there fediverse, it’s ya boy. I’m here cause facebook is the actual worst and I need to get away.

Interests include backpacking and hiking (), gaming (), rolling that sweet dodeca (), and a host of other hobbies and trades I’m constantly picking up and putting down.

I really hope Mastodon takes off, and I’m trying to do my part by hosting my own instance (.live) for my friends and fam to have some familiar faces when they make the switch.

I know I complain about working long hours a lot, but when I start getting my paychecks from weeks when I don’t work as much overtime, I’m always very disappointed.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’d be nice to not work myself to death trying to survive, I guess.

Change is always difficult, but sometimes it's well worth the discomfort.


This is a server for anyone, but particularly for those of us in the US Midwest that want to get away from the birdsite or to avoid the zucksuck. Have fun, don’t be a dick, and remember to eat the rich!