Saw Rise of Skywalker last night and I gotta say, it’s BAD. I say that as someone that more or less enjoyed TFA and TLJ. I was at least able to suspend my disbelief for the length of those. RoS was just badly directed and poorly written. The entire first act never had a camera shot longer than 10 seconds and so much of the dialogue was entirely too predictable.
A whole lot of unsatisfying payoffs packed into one 2.5 hour movie, but at least Chewie got a fucking medal finally.

Notes that come immediately to mind: **SPOILER WARNING**

“Never underestimate a droid” Ok, a little foreshadowing, not very subtle, but okay. *Payoff barely five minutes later in an entirely unsatisfying and gratuitous chase scene*

Finn and Poe gaybaiting, then just dropping another minority defector right in front of Finn as a late series love interest FOR NO FUCKING REASON and clearly to pander. Same with the bounty hunter love interest with Poe. Completely unsatisfying.

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All the subtle setups for the grey order that didn’t get followed through on. Rey and Ren spent the entire movie literally struggling with balancing out their dark and light sides just to both end up as fucking jedi in the end AND THEN MAKING OUT completely out of the blue. I swear Hollywood is completely incapable of showing platonic relationships between two main characters of the opposite sex, or committing to a outcome that’s one iota more complicated than *hurr durr light side guud.*

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And last but certainly not least:

Rey. Fucking. Skywalker. Are you shitting me? You literally just based on entire character on her struggle with accepting who she is in a movie franchise based around characters that struggle with setting themselves apart from the evils of the previous generations and you don’t even give her the decency of letting her redeem her own family name. What an absolute crock of shit, Abrams and writers.

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